August 01, 2017

HATEBUR – Trade show: MF-Tokyo 2017, Japan

MONTFORT WERBUNG organized and showcased Hatebur’s 108 m2 exhibition at the MF-Tokyo trade show in Japan. Read more

As full service partner, MONTFORT WERBUNG is responsible for the full trade show organization, including planning, design, logistics, booth construction, lighting concept, on-site construction coordination, complete on-show consultation, and controlling.
At MF-Tokyo the new trade show concept, part of the new HATEBUR CI/CD, which was developed by MONTFORT WERBUNG was used for the first time for a show. In the weeks leading up to the show MONTFORT WERBUNG organized a personalized invitation mailing. For this project MONTFORT WERBUNG was responsible for both the creative including concept and layout of the card and the logistic of the mailing itself.

December 20, 2016

DDC Design Competition "Good Design 17":

Award in the Category: Full Video
MONTFORT WERBUNG has received an award from the Deutscher Designer Club (DDC; German Designer Club) for its full-motion video "Industry 4.0". Read more

Clear communication of complex topics
The task was to create an attractive, simple and exciting presentation of complex solutions for Industry 4.0. The film merged the real and virtual production worlds into a single unit as a way of demonstrating the advantages of fully networking machinery with the overall company organization.

High-tech in step with the future
Detailed 3D animations, visualizations, sophisticated process operations and the informative overlay of key facts all resulted in the creation of an innovative composition that presents the complexity of Industry 4.0 in a simple and comprehensible way. The emotional impact of the production was enhanced through the interaction of video, time-lapse and slow motion effects with music.

DDC Design Competition – Facts
The DDC Design Competition is one of the most prominent creativity competitions in the German-speaking world. Held under the theme "Design Next Generation," prizes were awarded for outstanding projects and works in 10 categories for the 17th year as part of the high-class DDC Design Competition. The German Designer Club is the leading association for designers from all disciplines.

July 06, 2016

Top education at the MONTFORT WERBUNG ACADEMY: Trainee project, “Seven A” Magazine

MONTFORT WERBUNG currently trains five apprentices in Graphic Design and Pre-press Technology.

In addition to contributing to client projects and supporting the graphics team, the trainees also get to work on a unique trainee project developed specifically for them. The central idea was to enable them to explore their creativity without restrictions in a professional environment and find practical applications for their theoretical skills. Read more

The trainees created a magazine, choosing their own topic and consistently producing it from the first page to the last. Instructors guided the group through the entire creative process. From the initial brainstorming to conceptualization, research, naming process, content, illustration, photography, final artwork and print preparation, the trainees developed and organized everything themselves. Magazine meetings were held on a weekly basis.

The 80-page magazine titled, “Seven A" was printed in a 4-color offset press on high-quality Italian Fedrigoni Sirio Pearl paper, bound, and finished with a relief coating using screen printing.

The learning experience of this unique project was a huge success. The trainees were able to give free rein to their creativity and had a lot of fun working as a team. Our trainees can be very proud of the success of their finished work.

SEVEN A Magazine
(PDF Download)

May 24, 2016

Strategy Consulting for KUKA Robots

As a pioneer of robotics and automation technology, KUKA has successfully established itself as a premium brand in all global markets. MONTFORT WERBUNG was commissioned to provide strategy consulting and prepare a comprehensive marketing strategy for the Chinese market. Read more

Several strategy workshops were held in Shanghai and Augsburg under the guidance of MONTFORT WERBUNG. Strategic solutions were identified on the basis of analysis and research. Additionally, marketing strategies and measures were developed in order to reinforce the market position. MONTFORT WERBUNG links strategy with concepts and creative solutions to present a conclusive recommendation for strategy. The next step is the regional implementation of the proposed measures. 

Developing creative, dynamic, and innovative ideas that clients will need tomorrow is not only the basic business philosophy of KUKA, it's also the essential foundation of the B2B full-service agency, MONTFORT WERBUNG.

Our client at corporate headquarters in Augsburg expressed great satisfaction with our collaboration and the level of commitment shown by local KUKA representatives was impressive. The Shanghai branch of the MONTFORT WERBUNG team supported the Strategic Marketing of MONTFORT WERBUNG and was responsible for on-site organization and providing support for the local KUKA team. 

May 04, 2016

Full-Service Partner for SIMTOS Korea

For our client DMG MORI, SIMTOS Korea, with 1,500 m2 of trade show space and 25 exhibits, is a key event implemented by MONTFORT WERBUNG. Read more

MONTFORT WERBUNG is a full-service partner for the trade show presence in Korea.

Planning, organization, logistics, booth construction, lighting design, and on-site construction coordination including turnkey booth handover.

In addition, MONTFORT WERBUNG prepared the entire portfolio of forms, advertising materials, and online communication (corporate videos, web specials, product brochures, invitation campaigns, artwork in local language). In addition to complex projection concepts for an LED wall 17 meters in length, a total of 11 films were produced in Korean for SIMTOS. Moreover, MONTFORT WERBUNG organized on-show events (trade press conference) and coordinated all advertising tactics on the trade show premises.

The Shanghai, Tokyo, and Ruggell sites worked together in close cooperation via the global network.

The 17th Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show was held from April 13-17, 2016. With 900 exhibitors, approximately 6,500 booths, and more than 100,000 visitors, SIMTOS is one of the largest and most significant trade shows for the machine tool industry in Asia.

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April 22, 2016

MONTFORT ADVERTISING is a member of the Chambers of Commerce in Japan

MONTFORT ADVERTISING Tokyo, a subsidiary of MONTFORT WERBUNG AG, joined the three German-language chambers of commerce in Japan in March 2016: the Austrian Business Council, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Japan, and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Read more

In addition to members such as Zeiss, BMW, Thyssen Krupp, Siemens, Lindt, Hilti, and Red Bull, the Japanese branch of the B2B marketing and communication agency MONTFORT WERBUNG seeks to promote the development and use of the network for a mutual exchange of information through its membership. The goal is to strengthen future communication and relations between Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

Apart from networking, MONTFORT WERBUNG aims to build a presence within the expat community and to accelerate new business development, focusing especially on the acquisition of new clients, the development of new business units, and full-service support on site. Furthermore, the Japanese branch of MONTFORT WERBUNG will also actively use its membership to promote social sponsoring and plans to realize various projects for events and luncheons organized by the chambers of commerce in future.

January 02, 2016

New Headquarters for even greater Performance

This is the place! As of January 1, 2016, the New Global Headquarters of MONTFORT ADVERTISING opened in Ruggell, Liechtenstein; where ideas and concepts for Innovative B2B Marketing from all 5 continents come together to form a cohesive strategy for growth! Read more

More than 90 highly qualified team members in Liechtenstein – and 30 plus additional experts at our locations in Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow (as of Fall 2016), and Chicago – form an excellent network of forward thinking players in the field of marketing and financial communications. Even at the planning stage for the new headquarters we took into account that top-level performance requires optimal support at ground level. The offices are spacious and modern, and are equipped with the latest technology. The perfect infrastructure within the new headquarters at the Kokon Corporate Campus offers team members an exclusive environment, including an excellent restaurant, a fitness center with an ultra-modern layout, as well as child care (KITA).

July 01, 2015

Magnificently Presented

MONTFORT ADVERTISING is awarded the BERLINER TYPE Diploma for an outstanding DMG MORI SEIKI annual report. Read more

For over four decades, the international competition for printed materials, BERLINER TYPE, has been awarding prizes for outstanding publications, books, and typography from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  At the 47th edition of the competition, MONTFORT ADVERTISING of Klaus, Austria, was awarded a certificate in the category of “B2B Reports” for an outstanding execution of DMG MORI SEIKI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT’s 2014 Annual Report. The high-caliber selection committee especially valued the integral approach taken in the development of the project from concept / text, graphic design, illustration and typography, photography and printing.

“The distinguished works are all impressive learning tools for quality-oriented work in the billion-dollar business publications market,” sums up Odo-Ekke Bingel (AwardsUnlimited, Eschborn), who oversees this creative competition. Fundamental ideas, conceptual strength, meticulousness and technical finesse ultimately lead to the kind of quality that is indispensable for successful work in this field of marketing communication.

Bernd Schuler, CEO of MONTFORT WERBUNG GmbH, views the distinction primarily as evidence of the expertise and cooperative collaboration between agency and client: “Our goal for the annual report was to visually and haptically provide the shareholders, partners, and investors of DMG MORI SEIKI with a sense of security in geopolitically turbulent times and thus position DMG MORI SEIKI as a reliable organization that will continue to set standards in the areas of technology and service.”

SHAPING THE FUTURE. The title of the new annual report gets to the heart of this constructive philosophy. The high-quality design in every detail, the clear structures and an absolutely superior delivery documents the high standards of the global player DMG MORI SEIKI.

June 01, 2015


MONTFORT WERBUNG is opening an additional agency location in the Japanese capital Tokyo. After Chicago and Shanghai, this will be the third overseas location, outside of the headquarters in Liechtenstein. Read more

MONTFORT Tokyo is managed by Fabian Gantert, who previously spent many years working as a Key Account Manager at MONTFORT Shanghai. The performance ratio here is on par with the full range of services offered by The MONTFORT Group, focused around marketing, corporate and financial communication, as well as trade-shows and exhibitions.