December 20, 2016

DDC Design Competition "Good Design 17":

Award in the Category: Full Video
MONTFORT WERBUNG has received an award from the Deutscher Designer Club (DDC; German Designer Club) for its full-motion video "Industry 4.0".

Clear communication of complex topics
The task was to create an attractive, simple and exciting presentation of complex solutions for Industry 4.0. The film merged the real and virtual production worlds into a single unit as a way of demonstrating the advantages of fully networking machinery with the overall company organization.

High-tech in step with the future
Detailed 3D animations, visualizations, sophisticated process operations and the informative overlay of key facts all resulted in the creation of an innovative composition that presents the complexity of Industry 4.0 in a simple and comprehensible way. The emotional impact of the production was enhanced through the interaction of video, time-lapse and slow motion effects with music.

DDC Design Competition – Facts
The DDC Design Competition is one of the most prominent creativity competitions in the German-speaking world. Held under the theme "Design Next Generation," prizes were awarded for outstanding projects and works in 10 categories for the 17th year as part of the high-class DDC Design Competition. The German Designer Club is the leading association for designers from all disciplines.